About us

Welcome to MartPerformance. We are here to supply you with better, stronger and customized parts for your foxbody mustang and related products.


Our History

May 10, 1993

We actually started as a group of freinds having fun racing. Mart has always been a person that is improving what ever  is around him. So it was only natural that the people around him started to seek he's advise for there cars. The parts availability wasn't as extravagant like it is today! Also since they where younger money was scars sometimes, something we can all relate to. So he was modifying the parts he had, like porting the stock heads and the intake. Suspension work was harder because rear upper and lower control arms are costly to make and the choice of aftermarket ones was limited, not like today! Today things are so much simpler. Parts are very easily found for almost anything you need. That is where http://martperformance.com  comes into play to supply you with the parts you need the most for your passion!